About Me

The Greek word apologia is a compound word. Apo = from, while Logia = reason (this is where we get our word Logic). Together, they form a word that means a reasoned statement or argument. Although the English language obtained “Apology” from this Greek word, there is little or nothing to do with saying “I’m sorry.” Rather, an Apologist provides logical and (hopefully) insightful arguments to explain their viewpoint.

To this end, I seek to be a Christian Apologist. I refuse almost all other labels, as they are generally too small and full of pre-conceived ideas to adequately explain what I believe.

I also will not talk about my Christian Educational background, as that will likely just distract from the conversation. I don’t hold to a set of beliefs just because I have been taught to think that way. Instead, I will use my Bible studies and my experiences in church, VBS, and Sunday School sole

I will say that I hold that the Bible is Absolute Truth, and will base every argument from that standpoint.

If you are interested in having me investigate a topic that you believe needs a more Biblical interpretation, I welcome suggestions. I don’t promise to always agree with you, but I promise to approach it with an open mind.

In Christ,

Your Humble Blogger


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